On behalf of the research network ENGLISH LINGUISTICS CIRCLE (ELC), we are pleased to announce the 32nd ELC Research Seminar (online). Details follow here:


Date and time: Tuesday 28 September, 5:00 – 6:30 pm, via Microsoft Teams  

Speaker:  Dr. Raquel P. Romasanta

Title of talk: Contact-induced variation and change in World Englishes


Registration is free, but required. The registration form can be found at:



Upon registration, a link will be sent to registered attendees the day before the seminar.


ELC seminars are intended for members of staff and MA and PhD students at Departments of English and, more generally, for anyone interested in linguistics.

Brief profile: 

Raquel P. Romasanta is currently a full-time postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vigo, on a competitive one-year contract funded by the Spanish State Research Agency.

She defended her PhD in December 2020, on the topic “Variation in the clausal complementation system in World Englishes”; her PhD advisors were Elena Seoane(UVigo) and Manfred Krug (UBamberg, Germany).

Raquel’s publications have appeared in Alicante Journal of English Studies, Nordic Journal of English Studies and the eSeries Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change (Helsinki: University of Helsinki).

Her research has received international recognition at forums like the 8th Biennial Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (Bamberg, 2019; Best Junior Paper Award) and ISLE – International Society for the Linguistics of English (Richard M. Hogg Prize 2020, for her paper Negation as a predictor of clausal complement choice in World Englishes).