Credit Transfer

As established in the Degree statement, pp. 10-12, students holding the Master of Education (‘Máster de Profesorado de Educación Secundaria Obrigatoria e Bacherelato, Formación Profesional e Ensino de Idiomas’) or equivalent can apply for transfer of 30 credits. In order to graduate in iMAES, they will have to complete the remaining 30 credits, including the MA dissertation, valued at 12 credits.

Students who have completed courses in a Master’s degree other than the Master of Education may apply to the academic coordinator for credit transfer. Professional experience in fields relevant to the Degree can also be recognised, in order to validate the Practicum unit (6 credits).

Applications will be reviewed by the Academic Committee (‘Comisión de Coordinación Interuniversitaria’) after receipt of all required documents.

For fuller details, including a record of the claims for credit transfer that have been approved in the past, see the document on ‘Recognition and transfer of credits’ which is available here.