Master’s Thesis

In order to graduate, students must have completed 48 ECTS worth of courses and have written the Master’s Thesis (12 ECTS), consisting of approximately 10,000-14,000 words (40-60 double-spaced pages). Further information on contents and formal characteristics can be found in the teaching guide («Modules» section)

Aim of the Master’s Thesis:

A thesis is an academic essay, written by the student in consultation with his/her supervisor. The thesis must show that the student is capable of summarising and analysing existing literature in a critical manner, formulating one or more well-defined and motivated research questions and conducting independent research.

Choosing a topic and a supervisor:

Students should approach a lecturer participating in the Master’s programme and discuss with him/her the chosen topic and potential research question(s). The topic must be in keeping with the chosen pathway (so the student cannot choose to specialise in literature and write an MA thesis on a linguistics topic, or viceversa). In case of doubt, students can always consult the coordinators of studies (Dr. Zeltia Blanco Suárez at USC; Dr José Manuel Estévez Saá at UDC; Dr Martín Urdiales at UVigo).

Once a topic has been agreed on with a supervisor, student and supervisor fill out the MA-thesis registration form together. The student sends the form to the studies coordinator within the deadlines required by each of the universities involved in the Master’s programme (see ‘Schedule’):

Thesis defence:

When the supervisor believes the thesis is ready for preliminary approval and submission, he/she appoints a thesis committee consisting of three members (the supervisor cannot be one of them). The supervisor will also designate the time and place of the oral defence, in consultation with the thesis committee. After this, the supervisor should notify the coordinator of studies by means of the MA-thesis defence form:

The coordinator of studies will announce the date, time and place of the oral defence in a suitable way. The oral defence will be open to the university community.

At least seven days in advance of the oral defence, the supervisor must assess the student’s research and writing process by means of the MA-thesis assessment form and send this to the coordinator of studies.

During the oral thesis defence the student is expected to provide adequate answers to the questions related to the thesis stated by the three thesis readers.

After the oral defence, the grade awarded is publicly announced by means of the MA-thesis grade form.

Uploading the MA thesis:

Before the public defence (see ‘Master’s Thesis/Schedule’), MA dissertations must be uploaded to the online university system via the student’s ‘Secretaría Virtual’.

Uploading the MA thesis to the online institutional repository:

After the public defence, MA dissertations may be uploaded to the online university repository. This upload requires official approval by the supervisor and must adhere to the relevant regulations at each of the universities, as follows: