Application Procedure

Number of places available in 2021/2022:

Students are required to apply to and register at only one of the three organising universities, within the deadlines indicated below.

 University of A Coruña

MA Coordinator at UDC: Dr José Manuel Estévez Saá (

Please follow this link:


  • 16th January – 30th April 2021:   Pre-registration
  • 10th May 2021:  Provisional admission list
  • 10th-14th May 2021:  Complaints
  • 25th May 2021:  Final admission list
  • 30th July – 6th Augus:  Registration (1st general deadline)

GENERAL DEADLINES (also for foreign students)

1st DEADLINE (May-August 2021)

  • 3rd May – 20th July:  Pre-registration
  • 23rd July:  Provisional admission list
  • 23rd-26th July:  Complaints
  • 29th July: Final admission list
  • 30rd July – 6th August: Registration

2nd DEADLINE (August-September 2021)

  • 23rd-31st August: Pre-registration
  • 3rd September:  Provisional admission list
  • 3rd-7th September: Complaints
  • 10th September: Final admission list
  • 13th-19th September: Registration DEADLINE (September-October 2021)

  • 24th September – 4th October: Pre-registration
  • 6th October: Provisional admission list
  • 6th-8th October: Complaints
  • 14th October: Final admission list
  • 18th-19th October: Registration

University of Santiago de Compostela

MA Coordinator at USC: Dr. Zeltia Blanco Suárez (

Application deadline: 7th June to 20th July.

Admission list: 29th July.

1st registration deadline for admitted students: 30th July – 2nd August.

2nd admission list (if there are vacant places left): 3rd August.

2nd registration deadline for admitted students: 4th-5th August.

3rd admission list (if there are vacant places left): 6th August.

3rd registration deadline for admitted students: 7th-9th August.

Deadline for vacant places: 18th August to 17th September.

Deadline for extension of vacant places (with the coordinator’s authorisation): 21st September to 1st October.

PAdmission and registration of vacant places in September: 21st September to 1st October.

Please, follow this link:

 University of Vigo

MA Coordinator at UVigo: Dr Martín Urdiales-Shaw (

Application period for admission and enrolment: 

1st Deadline
Pre-registration: 6th-12th July
Provisional admission list: 20th July
Complaints: 21st-25th July
Final admission list: 29th July
Registration: 30th July-2nd August

2nd Deadline
Pre-registration: 25th-31st August
Provisional admission list: 9th September
Complaints: 10th-13th September
Final admission list: 16th September
Registration: 17th-20th September