[Cada uno de los tribunales propuestos cuenta con el preceptivo miembro suplente, aunque no se indica en esta relación.]


Ángela Gómez García. “Not This, Not That, Beyond Definition”: Performativity, Queerness, and Gender Trouble Through Nico Tortorella’s Works.

Supervisors: Laura Lojo Rodríguez and Jorge Sacido Romero.

Assessment: Supervisors  + Committee

Committee:  Constante González Groba (Chair)

Cristina Mourón Figueroa (Secretary)

Margarita Estévez Saá.

Date of defence: September 23rd; 11:00 am; Microsoft Teams


Erika Gabasa Vila. Sing with me, sing for the year, sing for the laughter and sing for the tear: Music Genres and their Lexical Identity: Blues, Country, Folk, Metal, Punk and Reggae.

Supervisor: Belén Méndez Naya.

Assessment: Supervisor (80 percent)


Uxía Cima Fernández. Intersections of gender and ethnicity in British Indian Short stories: Tanika Gupta´s Rebecca and the Neighbours and Rahila Gupta´s An Answer for Rita.

Supervisor: Laura Lojo Rodríguez

Assessment: Supervisor + Committee

Committee:  Constante González Groba (Chair)

Jorge Sacido Romero (Secretary)

Margarita Estévez Saá.

Date of defence: September 24th; 11:30 am; Microsoft Teams


María Olalla Santos Barral. “Not evil or irredeemable”: Women, Bodies and Sorority in Donal Ryan’s All We Shall Know.

Supervisor: Margarita Estévez Saá.

Assessment: Supervisor + Committee

Committee:  Laura Mª Lojo Rodríguez (Chair)

Manuela Palacios González (Secretary)

Susana Mª Jiménez Placer

Date of defence: September 25th; 10:30 am; Microsoft Teams


Suellen Santana Silveira

English as the Language of Science – Insights from Brazil.

Supervisors: Francisco Javier Fernández Polo and Mario Cal Varela.

Assessment: Supervisors + Committee

Committee:  Ignacio Palacios Martínez (Chair)

Paloma Núñez Pertejo (Secretary)

Belén Méndez Naya

Date of defence: September 22nd; 17:30; Microsoft Teams