«On behalf of the research network ENGLISH LINGUISTICS CIRCLE (ELC), we are pleased to announce the 28th ELC Research Seminar (online). Details follow here:


Date and time: Monday, 15 March, 5:00 – 6:30 pm, via Microsoft Teams 

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gunther Kaltenböck (University of Graz, Austria)

Title of talk: “Discourse Grammar and its applications: Evidence from language disorder and diachrony”

Convenor: María José López-Couso


Registration is free, but required. The registration form can be found at https://forms.gle/QF9tx2r2yo9WPG8i7

Upon registration, a link will be sent to registered attendees a few days  ahead of the seminar.


ELC seminars are intended for members of staff and MA and PhD students at Departments of English and, more generally, for anyone interested in linguistics.


Brief profile: 

Gunther Kaltenböck is Professor of English Linguistics at the Karl-Franzens University of Graz. His main research interests lie in the domain of Cognitive-Functional Grammar, Syntactic variation and change, and Pragmatics and the communicative function of linguistic elements in speaker–hearer interaction.


Some recent publications: 

2021. The rise of discourse markers. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva, Haiping Long).

2020. (ed.) Grammar and Cognition: Dualistic Models of Language Structure and Language Processing. Amsterdam: Benjamins (with Alexander Haselow).

2020. (ed.) Investigating stance in English: Synchrony and diachrony – Special issue of Language Sciences (with María José López-Couso, Belén Méndez-Naya).

2020. “Exclamatives as a thetical category of English”, Functions of Language 27.2: 207-233. (with Bernd Heine, Tania Kuteva, Haiping Long).

2019. (ed.) Insubordination: theoretical and empirical issues. Berlin: De Gruyter (with Karin Beijering, María Sol Sansin͂ena).


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